Russia Has Approved Word’s First COVID-19 Vaccine, President Vladimir Putin Says


Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Tuesday that Russia had officially become the first country in the world to grant regulatory approval for a COVID-19 vaccine, adding that the vaccine has demonstrated more safe and worked effectively for long-term immunity. 

“A vaccine against coronavirus has been registered for the first time in the world this morning,” Putin announced.

“I know that it works quite effectively, it forms a stable immunity.” I hope our foreign colleagues’ work will move as well, and a lot of products will appear on an international market that could be used.”

He further said, one of his daughters had taken part in the experiment and she had a slightly higher temperature of 38 degrees Celcius on the day of the first vaccine, but it dropped to just over 37 on the following day.

The Vaccine, developed by Moscow based Gamaleya Institute has been named as ‘Sputnik V’ which refers to the world’s first satellite launched by the Soviet Union in 1957.

However, This regulatory approval paves the way for the vaccine to be mass administrated to thousands of participants even as the final stage of clinical trials to test its safety and efficacy continue.

According to the Russian officials, the large-scale production of the vaccine will be started in September and mass vaccination may begin as early as October.


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