Is TikTok Shutting down in 2020?


Is TikTok Shutting down in 2020?

There are a lot of rumors wandering around about TikTok shutting down. Is it true? 

Due to many TikTok users leaving the app, TikTok has decided to shut it down permanently in late 2020. That is what we heard from the rumors. However, TikTok hasn’t addressed the closing yet. Therefore anyone wondering whether this famous app will close in 2020, that is not yet confirmed.

It was true that users started to leave TikTok. Some reporters made it a fact to tell that TikTok is closing down due to users leaving the app. But is it not true, TikTok is not closing down because of this at all.

TikTok started its show in 2016 as an app called In 2017 it was officially rebranded as TikTok; since then it was spreading fast reaching 1.5 billion users in two and a half years.

But according to new data from SensorTower, a mobile analytics company, TikTok has experienced a huge slope in growth losing its users. According to records, it is a 4% decline in app downloads. This is not a reason for TikTok to shut down the app completely.

As long as TikTok hasn’t addressed a complete closedown, there is no reason to trust rumors. If TikTok officially says they are shutting down, we will bring the news to you. Be in touch with us.

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