12 Famous Logos With Hidden Meanings


The famous car manufacturer, Toyota’s logo has three overlapping ellipses in different ways. But have you ever thought it represents the alphabetic letters of the company’s name? Yes, it is true. Here are the 12 Famous logos with hidden meanings. These logos are much more than just a fancy image. Some logos even made a short film on it while the others represent the company’s story. 


Hidden Meaning of Toyota Logo

In 1989, Toyota first introduced its new logo with three overlapping ellipses to mark Toyota’s 50th anniversary. As Toyota says, designers have spent over five years to complete this unique and remarkable logo. However, This logo has two different meanings. 

Toyota Logo Meaning

The inner overlapping ellipses symbolize the heart of the customer and the heart of the company, overlapping to represent a mutually beneficial relationship and trust between the two. Also, these two ovals signify the letter “T” for Toyota and the outer oval, the world embracing Toyota.

The second secret, if you look even more closely at the overlapping ellipses, it represents all the alphabet of the company’s name.

02. Beats Audio

The logo for Beats by Dr Dre is pretty straightforward. A mix of a white color letter “b” on the middle and red circular background represent a headphone and a human’s head respectively.

Hidden Meaning of  Beats Logo

03. Amazon

Hidden Meaning of Amazon Logo

Amazon, yet another amazing logo and it is the market leader of online shopping and the company logo reflects it. A company name, “amazon” with a yellow array starting from letter “a” to the letter “z” implies that they sell everything from a-z. The arrow also represents a smile, the happiness of their customers when they shop with Amazon.

04. Pinterest

Hidden Meaning of Pinterest Logo

Pinterest is a popular social media network where people can share interests and hobbies as an image, represented by a Pin which can be linked back to a website. The ‘P’ is enclosed in a red circle followed by the brand name. The letter “P” signifies a board pin.

05. Toblerone

Hidden Meaning of  Toblerone Logo

A popular chocolate bar produced in Switzerland and its logo reflects the birthplace, Bern which is called as the “City of Bears”. The trademark is a combination of two words, “Tobler” and “Torrone” which mean honey and almond nougat in Italian. The mountain icon features the Matterhorn, a mountain of Swiss Alps and the white bear on it signifies the coat of arms of the city.

06. Formula One

Hidden Meaning of Formula One Logo

This famous racing car company, Formula One used this logo from 1994-2017 until the final race in Abu Dhabi in 2017. The red lines represent the passion and energy and the letter “F” represents the brand name with the number “1” in-between “F” and red lines.

07. Baskin-Robbins

Hidden Meaning of Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins is the world’s largest chain of ice cream speciality shops, best known for its 31 flavors. The logo signifies the large “B” and “R” as a combination of pink and blue colors by showing the iconic 31 (flavors) in between.

08. Wendy’s

Hidden Meaning of Wendy's Logo

A famous fast food restaurant chain, Wendy’s famously founded by Dave Thomas in 1969, in Columbus, Ohio and now has more than 6,500 restaurants worldwide. If you take a closer look at Wendy’s collar and you will see the word “mom” on it.

09. Hyundai

Hidden Meaning of Hyundai Logo

A South Korean automaker, Hyundai logo is another impressive design idea which holds secret meaning inside it. The letter “H” represents a handshake and it is a symbol of customer trust and satisfaction.

10. LG

Hidden Meaning of LG Logo

A pink color simply looks like a winking face. But if you look even more closely, you will see it is a combination of letter “L” and Letter “G” which signify its brand name.

11. FedEx

Hidden Meaning of FedEx Logo

FedEx, An American multinational delivery services company’s logo is one of the most well-known secret meaning logos. However, If you see even more closely on the last two letters of the logo, you can see right-facing arrow in between letter “E” and “x”. This secret arrow reflects the speed and precision of their service.

12. Sony Vaio

Hidden Meaning of Sony Vaio Logo

Sony’s Vaio logo is believed to be a beacon of good logo design which represents the integration of analog and digital technologies. An interconnected two letters “V” and “A” shows an analog wave while the other part of the logo shows a digital binary code by “I” and “O”.

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