How to Use LinkedIn for Job Hunting in 2020


How to Use LinkedIn for Job Searching
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LinkedIn is a professional platform where you can get updated about what’s happening in the business world and get connected with people from different industries. When it comes to job hunting, for me LinkedIn is a great asset! Let me share some of my tips and tricks on how to use LinkedIn to find your perfect job.

Nowadays the job market is very competitive and everyone is thriving to get a job. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use LinkedIn to get a job offer or at least get an interview call. There are some tips you can use on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is now very popular amongst the recruiters. A couple of ways recruiters will approach you are:

  1. When you apply for a job, recruiters will view your LinkedIn profile to get to know more about you apart from the resume.
  2. Recruiters will reach you via LinkedIn if you are looking for a job.

(Sometimes companies do not advertise vacancies. They go on LinkedIn and search for people who are looking for jobs in their specific field.)

If recruiters find you either way mentioned above, you have to have an attractive LinkedIn profile to have at least a hope for an interview call.

1. Profile Picture and the Description in the ‘About’ Section

This is where you say ‘hello’ to the profile viewers. The profile picture should be a high-resolution picture with a formal background and being just you in the picture. (Avoid using graduation day photos, school photos, and group photos, etc.)

Write a short and sweet summary in the ‘About’ section of about 40 to100 words, remember not to make it too short below 40 words. Recruiters don’t spend too much time reading the content on your profile. They focus on the ‘About’ section and the ‘experience’ section the most. Therefore you need to make sure that you give the right idea of who you are in the summary. Briefly give a 360 degrees introduction about what areas you work on and have expertise on, the organizations that you have worked for, and the years of experience in the industry. Remember this is where you give the first impression to the reader, so make the reader view your profile by giving a great intro about you.


2. Add Headline, Be Visible For Recruiters

The headline is very important on your LinkedIn profile. When someone searches you with your name, the headline will pop up with your name. So adding your current position and company you work for or worked last (if you don’t work at the moment), will increase the interest of the reader to view your profile.

If you’re seeking new opportunities, you can make changes to your headline via the ‘Add profile section’ button on your profile page. There are 2 ways you can tell the world you are available for new opportunities. One way is adding manually to your headline or the other way is to tick the ‘open for opportunities’ option on the intro section of the profile. This way recruiters know that you are looking for new challenges.


3. Experience, Skills, and Qualifications (add-ons)

This is the next important section of your profile. When you list the experience, start with the most recent experience. Mention the company, position, and timeline worked. Under each experience, point out what responsibilities tasks you were undertaking. This gives the reader a thorough idea of whether it is worth calling for an interview.

Apart from responsibilities and skills, add any other qualifications you have. Share any external exams, volunteering work, projects, certifications and recognitions or courses or anything else to add value to your brand name.

Sample Linkedin Profile, Skills & Experience Section

4. LinkedIn Quizzes and Courses

Did you know that LinkedIn offers quizzes, certifications, and online courses for different fields? For the IT field, about leadership and management, team training and data science, etc. Once you complete these courses, they provide you with certifications. You can add these certifications as well to your LinkedIn profile. These are various ways you can add value to your brand name.

Visit LinkedIn Learning page for more information about courses.

Linkedin Certifications

5. Connect with People and Follow Interested Companies

Always think differently and do things differently to make your own brand. Use LinkedIn to connect with as many people from different parts of the business world. LinkedIn helps to get a good insight into businesses and how they operate. On LinkedIn, follow companies that you look forward to working for. In this way, you get updated when they post any job opportunities and this gives you the chance to connect with the recruiters directly; discuss the potential for an interview and take things from there to receive a job offer successfully.

6. LinkedIn Recommendations

Get recommendations from your employers, managers, and teachers, etc. This is something that people don’t care much about. But having great recommendations proves what kind of a team player and an employer you are!

These are just a few tips about using LinkedIn for job hunting. There will be more articles coming up on job hunting. Please stick with us and visit for more articles, Follow our Facebook Page.

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