What Can We Do To Attract Travelers After COVID-19


What Can We Do To Attract Travelers After COVID-19

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The hotel industry is one of the major fields affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, as it is easing out and businesses are starting to run back up again, I thought to share some tips on what accommodation providers can do to attract business after COVID-19.

“Who is giving the best offer with more benefits?” will be a question a lot of travelers would ask from the hoteliers. 

So how can you get picked up? What can you do differently to get picked up by travelers? Let’s see.

How do discounted rates and promotions sound like?

To attract business, hotels need to offer discounts and promotions. In the future, corporate and also leisure sectors will look for the best deal they can get. Therefore, hoteliers will have to drop their rates to match the competition and grab business. When the traveling demand goes up after the pandemic, hotels will not be able to offer the same rates they did a few months ago. As every accommodation provider is trying to take in business, there will be a huge competition. So don’t you think as an accommodation provider, you are a part of that competition too?

Also not to forget, that the fastest room rate droppers and the heavily discounted rate providers will take the longest to get back to normal. When rates are too low it takes time to get to breakeven. We should also think about what will happen in the future if we drop the rate too much; it will make it harder to put rates up again at a later date. When we offer rates too low, and once everything is back to normal, we increase the rates, travelers might not like it, because they always look for the best deal and they will question the increase; it will impact if the difference is a lot. So, bear in mind when lowering rates, you have to lift them up in the future, therefore to lower rates accordingly.

Rate Inclusions

Rate inclusions play a role in attracting travelers. I know every hotel is different and operates differently, therefore when it comes to inclusions, every hotel could have different ways of putting this to action. Some hotels have cafes and restaurants onsite and some don’t. Some have car parking facilities, some don’t. If your property has car parking facilities and you charge for parking, include in rate complimentary parking. If you have a restaurant onsite, include a meal discount on the rate. Another inclusion option is a ‘ complimentary drink on arrival – Beer or Wine’. Trust me, this option is one of the best! Corporates love this idea! They look forward to it when they arrive at the hotel- some regular corporate travelers don’t hesitate to ask whether the drink is ready for them in the fridge. Another inclusion idea would be mainly for corporates is ‘a drop off to work’ in the morning. If the office is close to the hotel, offer a ‘pre-book- drop off to work’ to attract corporates.

Social Media Updates

Who’s not using social media these days? Could hardly find any. If I plan to travel, I search for accommodation providers in the area. Once I have a few options, I check on Facebook to see what other photos and posts I can see there and, then decide where I want to stay. So always update your social media sites about daily bits you do to give the best to your guests.  Customers need to have a reason to choose ‘your hotel’ to stay, give them reasons WHY. Tell the world what you offer to make travelers’ stay comfortable and happy.

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